Because Life Is Worth Celebrating : Week 16

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I really enjoy writing my celebratory list, it gives me 5 minutes to think about and be grateful for the little moments in life, you know, the ones that go buy in a flash and get forgotten about. What I also love is having a log of the amazing time I have spent with my family and knowing that if anything ever happened, it would be there for them to know I loved them so so very much.

So before I get all soppy and cry my eyes out at how amazing they all are, here are the 9 things that I’m celebrating this week.

1. Not getting covered in burns
I set my frying pan on fire this week, it went up in flames and scared me so much, I had no tea towels or anything to hand to put it out, so like an idiot, I panicked and ran it under the tap of water and tried to get it outside. I’m so lucky that I didn’t catch anything else on fire, lose my home/family or get burned more than I did when I managed to spill the hot oil ALL over myself! I’ve now brought a fire blanket on Amazon because I’d rather spend that small amount of money and know my family will be safe than not be prepared again —> Fire Blanket *Affiliate Link
2. Kairi’s Tree
This one always makes me smile and laugh. On our way home, Kairi LOVES this random tree! She always makes me stop and take a picture of her standing at it, I find it so strange!
3. Sitting with the ducks
We took 5 minutes on our way home from shopping at Tesco this week to just relax, sit on the bench and watch the river go by. We laughed because Naminé’s buggy just kept trying to tip over and we also had some little friends come to see us! Ely’s wonderful ducks that we luckily had some food other than bread to feed! It was amazing how friendly they are and I Loved just sitting and chatting to the girls.
4. Ely River
I’m so grateful for the beautiful views in Ely. I’ve really been practising my photography skills recently and I am loving the results I am starting to get. It’s also nice to stop and enjoy the wonderful views too.
5. Christmas Colouring
I received some new pens in the post that I will be including in my family Christmas gift guide, I loved being able to take half an hour to myself and really enjoy colouring in. I’m defiantly going to take some time again next week and just relax.
6. Minecraft
I absolutely LOVED being able to play Minecraft with Kairi this week, actually taking the time to teach her how to play and watching her computer skills develop was amazing. She mastered about 5 keys, how to use the mouse and how to multi-task, all in one-afternoon session. Most of all it was really fun to be able to play something that we both enjoyed.
7. Kairi’s Shop
Kairi has a ‘shop’, every time we pass this sign she stands behind it and ‘serves’ us cookies and milkshake. It’s so funny, it’s a 30-second game, but she has so much fun and me and Naminé love playing with her.
8. Naminé Sharing
It’s so sweet how much Naminé loves to share! The girls have the secret code where they share pads and negotiate on what to watch so they get more time! It’s very clever really, but I love how much Naminé just lets Kairi have her choice. She is so sweet.
9. Kairi drawing Mickey
Kairi drew Mickey Mouse this week and it was amazing! I’m so surprised and chuffed that she did it all by herself, it is a drawing I will cherish forever!
What did you get up to this week? Any adventures?

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