17 perfect gifts for bloggers this Christmas

17 perfect gifts for bloggers this Christmas

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Christmas is coming and like everyone else, I’m a blogger with a list of some realistic and some not so realistic presents! Every year I’m asked what I would like for Christmas and I always end up coming up short, so this year, I thought I’d share my top x gifts for bloggers this year. So if you are shopping for the blogger in your life (or just me ūüėČ ) You’ll have plenty of ideas!
*This post contains affiliate links so that there is a chance I can buy myself a G7X one day!*

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A New Camera

Polaroid Cube – I love the cube, it’s small, compact and simple to use, but best of all it takes great quality footage and fits on your keys! If you are a blogger whos phone is always full but you don’t have the space to take an extra camera ou with you, then the cube is definitely¬†for you. (I may even get myself one before Christmas!)

Go Pro Hero – Everyone has heard of the Go Pro, it’s perfect for underwater shots, action footage and even daily vlogs. If your blog about travel or create content using your camera daily, then this is the camera for you. Unlike other cameras, the go pro isn’t big and bulky, meaning you can pop in into your bag and have it whenever you need it.

Canon G7X – The G7X is the best vlogging camera out there. Perfect for taking pictures and filming out and about, you are sure to have a happy receiver with this as a gift!

Photo Backdrops

Capture By Lucy – When my wonderful friend Aby brought me an amazing Capture By Lucy backdrop, I was immediately in love! Lucy has so many backdrops available on her site, so whatever the blogger in your life is taking photos off, I’m sure there will be a perfect scene set!

Christmas Lights on Wood – Ebay has a range of cheaper backdrops which are perfect for those starting out.

An Amazing Theme

Elegant Theme – Divi is an AMAZING theme, it’s so adaptable and can do everything and anything you would want it to do with ease. No learning code, no spending hours screaming at WordPress begging it to do what you want, just click, type and drag and bingo, there is your beautiful new site and amazingly laid out post.

A Helping Hand

Virtual Assistant – There is so much to do in a bloggers life, from writing posts to creating images and pinning (and then everything in between!) a bloggers work is never done! Why not treat that special person in your life to a bit of downtime where they can actually relax knowing the work is still being done? Hiring a VA could be just what they need. Whether you give them an hour a week or book 6 months in advance, I’m sure they will love their gift of time.

Cleaner or Dishwasher – with the work piling up and time feeling non-existent a big pile of housework seems to sit on top of us. A weekly cleaner or a dishwasher would be perfect to take some of that stress off.

Blogging Mentorship – Is the blogger you love desperately trying to move forward but only taking tiny steps? A membership Community like the Revolution Inner Circle is the place they need to be! The membership will show you everything you need to move to the next step and to make money from your business.


My Cloud РNetwork Access Storage (or NAS) is completely the way forward, you leave it plugged in at home and can access your files from everywhere. We had a My Cloud in the past and it was amazing (until Daddy and the girls managed to CRASH it to the floor!) In honest it would be an amazing present for someone to take the drive and get me my files back, but otherwise, I could really do with more storage. 1-3TB is perfect for us and can keep all my pictures, videos and documents safe.


iPhone Camera Rig – Complete with a light, a microphone and a pole to hold it, this set up is perfect for the blogger who wants to vlog on their phone but upgrade the quality without paying out for an expensive camera. I love the idea of this set and could see it being really helpful in theme parks and zoos.

Bit Play Snap – I love the idea of the Snap. Put your phone in the case for protection and when you are ready to take some higher quality snaps, add on the shutter handle and any lenses you desire. The case looks smart and is simple to use, it’s perfect for any blogger.

Portable Laptop Stand – As I blogger I’m always working anywhere and everywhere I can. Often using whatever books, pillows or other items I can find as a desk. These portable laptop stands are great for working on the sofa, in bed or out and about.

Photo Studio Box Lights – if your house is a bit dull, these are exactly what you need. They will brighten up any space and can easily hide away in the corner when not in use.

Gorilla Pod – If you’ve got a camera but nowhere to hold it, grab a Gorilla Pod for the best tripod in town! You can attach it to, or make it stand on almost anything meaning you will get the best pictures or footage wherever you are!

Portable Photo Studio – Complete with a lightbar and holdall bag, grab the best quality photo’s wherever you are. Just beware of the small sizes, they may only fit a packet of sweets!


Leuchtturm 1917 – Most bloggers love a good planner and there are so many to chose from. For me, I have to go for a Bullet Journal done in a dotted Leuchtturm. The set up¬†can change with me (as I’m one of those people who wants a different planner each month!) and the A5 size makes it compact for my handbag too.

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  1. great ideas, you’ve given me some suggestions to give my family! I would love to wake up to a canon g7x on Christmas morning – Thanks for linking up with the Christmas gift guide linky!

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