YouTube Deep Dive - Britmums Live 2017

YouTube Deep Dive for Parent Bloggers – Britmums Live 2017

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The YouTube deep dive at Britmums Live this year really got me thinking. I’ve been a lover of YouTube for years now after posting my first video in 2010 when I was 20 years old, but I have never been able to make it work for me. Yes, I have a few 12,000 vlogs and but most are sitting under 200 view and that really needs to change!

1. If you are going to watch it, DON’T laugh!!
2. Hit the subscribe button, just because I had the courage to share this!! haha!!

So as I sat in the deep dive session, listening to Jules Fournier and Magali de Quillacq, I realised that they were really speaking to me and that I NEEDED to do this! Aby Moore of YouBabyMeMummy is completely right, video is going to take over and to be successful, we need to be on it! So here are my notes from the session, I hope you find them as helpful as I found sitting in and good luck with your YouTube future!

YouTube Deep Dive

1. Shareability – Will viewers want to share your content?

Think of these things;
1. What do you want to share?
2. When you do share, what do you write with it?

Is it;
Relatable – ‘it’s totally me’ or ‘@xxx it’s totally you’
Topical – Paradody of Game of Thrones
Remarkable – Rebecca Brown who took a photo of herself every day and turned it into a montage

2. Conversation – Are you speaking directly to your audience?

There are 2 ways of doing this:
Main – Vlogging, Tutorials or a Narrative in the background.
Supplementary – Behind the scenes or live streaming

3. Interactivity – Are you involving your audience?

Can you ask a question? Like Epic Rap Battels do every video at the end, ‘who won? who’s next? you decide!’
Can you take requests? Using screenshots of the comments and what people are asking for? ‘can you make a day in the live video please?’

4. Consistency – Does your video have strong recurring elements?

Ask yourself these important questions and if you say no to them all, put 1 in place.Do you have a schedule? – weekly? daily?
Do you have a personality? – Who is the face of the channel?
Do you have a set format? – Is your video always 18 minutes long?
Do you have a set style? – Do you always have pink in the background and fairy lights?

5. Targeting – Is there a clearly defined audience?

Channel – Do you have a specific game or gall each week or are you just doing anything?
Video Series – Do you make series like How to be a rock climber? How to be a Canadian? etc

6. Sustainability – If the audience loves it, can you make more of it?

Create a content schedule – 12 months in advance so you will know what you are doing. Start off adding the big events like Christmas, birthdays etc and work round them.
Can you block shoot? – Film a quatres worth of videos in advance/in one go, then edit them in one go so you know it’s done and you won’t miss a day.
Get help! – build an awesome team. Get hep to reply to comments, edit videos etc.

7. Discoverability – Will content be found if searched?

Use two types of content;
Trending – for example, Christmas, it will be low all year and then spike. This content should be planned.
Evergreen – for example – how to kiss? how to solve a Rubix cube? This content is always searched.

8. Accessibility – Can every episode be appreciated by a new viewer?

New Audience
– Can you make your content so that they quickly understand before they leave?
– Can you signpost them to older videos to help them understand?

9. Collaboration

What can you offer?
Your value – Do you have access to different production resources (an expensive sports car, unique access to different areas, different filming equipment like a slow-moving camera). Is your audience engaged? What special skills can you share?
Response – e.g. parody videos

10. Inspiration – Does the idea come from a genuine place of passion?

Organisation – books
Individuals – Using the two types of video, what the audience want and what I want.

Specific Strategies for Parent Vloggers when starting out

  • Find your unique voice
  • Look at 5-10 channels you love. Why do you come back? Out of these, what do you want from your own channel?
  • Are you going to create weekly 20-30 minute videos, keeping with branding including thumbnails?
  • Do you have a unique element – like spontaneity or starting every day vlogging in your bed, maybe you use a preview of the best bit of the vlog at the beginning?
  • Start by using Vlog Challenges or Vlogmas to get yourself comfortable. Let your channel grow with you!
  • Record for the audience you know.
  • Make it sustainable and consistent – create a schedule!
  • Put out 10-29 videos a month
  • Set boundaries from the beginning – Think long term, will you not be okay with sharing certain things in the future
  • Live stream and use poll cards (e.g. if you have an argument ‘pick your side, whos right?’)

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