Teaching kindness with the Elf of Kindness

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So yesterday we put the tree up and it was so exciting! If you missed the 5-hour long facebook live, then you can head over to our facebook page to check it out. Now I’m sitting here missing Patch our Elf of kindness.

Patch turns up around Christmas every year and spreads kindness in our home and community. We don’t have elves that are ‘naughty’ in our house because 1. why can the elves be ‘naughty’ and our kids not? 2. It’s ‘Bad Behaviour’ not naughty and 3. Santa is going to bring you presents either way – I’m not wasting all that money and then my own time scaring them with an elf! (Sorry, rant over I promise!)


What is an Elf of Kindness?

So the Elf Of Kindness, Patch, usually turns up around the 1st December and he is usually sitting downstairs on the kitchen table with a North Pole Breakfast! A north pole breakfast can be anything you want it to be, Christmas tree shaped crumpets, cereal with sprinkles and squirty cream, lucky charms, chocolate spread on toast etc, it’s exciting. We have crackers and Patch has decorated the tree for us and Santa has left a note saying that Patch is going to be staying with us and would it be okay if we looked after him and helped him spread kindness in our town. Of course, the answer is always YES!

So between then and Christmas day, we wake up to little notes from Patch, sometimes with objects sitting around him. We did loads last year, he left us ingredients to make birdfeed to feed the birds, ‘kindness pennies’ to give to a charity of the girls choice and sometimes, he just left us a treat to say thank you for being awesome! Then on Christmas even in the afternoon, Santa took him home (and we were kind of sad!)

Kindness Elf

However, Patch had a long-lasting effect on us all, Kairi will often pick up litter in the street to make it clear and the girls both ask to donate to their charity almost weekly, we give food to the food bank regularly and make much more of an effort to smile. There is defiantly kindness all around us and we really enjoy spreading it too!

My only problem with having Patch stay was the extra work for me, sometimes I would forget that our Elf of Kindness needed to leave a note and then panic about what that would be or if I had the ingredients he needed! So, this year I’ve been organised! I’ve created 12 printable kindness cards so that you can download, print the sheet and be covered on the run up to Christmas! (and I can too!)

Interested in getting your free welcome gift? –> Take a look here!


Do you want to teach your children kindness but are not quite sure where to start? Use a kidness elf and grab out FREE download of kindness cards too!

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