Because Life Is Worth Celebrating : Week 12

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Happy Friday! Whoop Whoop it’s another weekend and so much closer to birthday week! We had a lovely time away on holiday and although I have a bit of the holiday blues, I can’t wait to go on our next one which we announced this week!

So here is my celebratory list for this week


1. Marshmallow Icecream
When passing the ice cream van and deciding to grab one, I found out I could have mini marshmallows as a topping… it was AMAZING!
2. Memory Pictures
I loved taking photos of my family the same way that mum used to of us. Looking at my girls grow on the giant chair and our family by the fountain is awesome.
3. Spending time with my niece and nephew
It was so lovely to get to spend time with them and have some fun, I love that I still get to have big cuddles and watch them grow.
4. Watching mum smile
It’s so nice to see mum happy, I love watching her smile and laugh, it’s been so long. So glad we got so many nice photos of her just enjoying herself.
5. Family Time
Going away on holiday was so much fun, we had such an amazing time and it was great to relax and not work. I really enjoyed being able to sit with my husband in the evenings and just relax.
6. Cooking using gas
It was my first time cooking with gas, so I’m celebrating because I managed to do it without completely burning the pizza!
7. Decorating for Halloween
We have decorated for Halloween now, it’s not Christmas but it still looks lovely. The girls loved taking part in making their own decorations too.
8. The girls dancing on stage
It was SOOOOO cute to see the girls dance on stage together, Kairi took Naminé and looked after her, gave her cuddles and kisses. The audience said ohh and aww so much and the girls danced beautifully. It was also really lovely to know what others voted for them and that they had the courage to do something that wanted to. I am so proud.
9. New clothes
So I’ve teamed up with Simple Be who have sent me an amazing package of clothes, I’ve got lots of photos to take, but the post will be up next week! So stay tuned, I love feeling good in new clothes!
What are you celebrating this week? Let me know below.

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