Because Life Is Worth Celebrating : Week 11

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Week 11! eek! I’m not typing much this week because we are going on holiday and honestly, I’m so excited that I need to get to bed before I crash! So here is my celebratory list for this week!


1. Dinosaur Hunters!
This week we visited the new Jurrasic Journey in Great Yarmouth. The place itself was fantastic, but I especially loved the fact they turned us into Dinosaur hunters with name badges, clipboards and certificates. It was a much-appreciated touch to the day.
2. Best Friend Time
I got to spend the day with Nicola this week and it was lovely. We had such a nice time chatting and catching up. I love how we are still such great friends after all these years, especially as we live so far apart now. Plus she is amazing with the girls <3
3. Britmums
The day finally came and I left the girls (It was so hard and scary) I wrote about Britmums already this week and what I learnt in the YouTube deep dive, but my biggest celebration was all the wonderful people I met. Especially including the absolutely amazing Aby Moore. That woman is just incredible and I am so glad I got to spend time with her, she is just as lovely as I imagined, I will never be able to say thank you enough for all the amazingness that she has given me since I’ve known her. (Better stop now or my short list will become a long one!)
4. Olaf
The girls did these amazing Olaf’s this week which we downloaded for free from the Purple Pumpkin Blog. I love all Michelle’s creations and Kairi had so much fun and can’t wait to do the next one.
5. Mutt
Coco really missed me this week, so has been making up for it with lots of attention and cuddles this week. I’ve actually felt quite popular in my house this week (well, apart from with ‘turn the lights off, save the electric bill’ hubby!)
6. Sharks
Me and Kairi took some time out to play the shark game that we won from the Purple Pumpkin blog this week. It was SO much fun and we then play it and the cow splat game later with Naminé too. None of us can wait to spend a weekend together just enjoying each others company from today, we are so excited! Bonding time here we come!
7. Facepaint
So little miss Naminé was quite this week… and then I found out why. She has been face painting herself without Snazaroo Weekend Box. She loved it and to be fair she looked like a pretty awesome dalmatian, so I am taking the facepaints away with us to do lots more this weekend (and to save me LOTS of pennies!!)
8. Nappy Time
I had to laugh and grab a photo. Naminé decided to use the potty one day this week and as she did, she also decided it was time for her to change Kairis nappy! This made me chuckle so much. I absolutely love it when they play together.
9. Cow Time
We took the Trunkis with us yesterday as we traveled to mums for our holiday. The girls looks SO cute pulling them along.
What did you get up to this week? Any adventures?

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  1. Awww thank you huni! I feel like I know you already so well, but it was awesome to meet in the flesh. You are epic! xxx

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