Are you looking for an awesome compact face painting kit that can do many faces? If so, you need the Snazaroo Weekend Kit, Kairi LOVED her finished face!

Snazaroo Weekend Box – Mini Face Paint Review #ad

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*Bang*, the post hits the floor, cue me thinking ‘ugh, bills’ and sending Kairi into the hall to pick it up. She comes back with a HUGE smile on her face and says, ‘mummy its post for me’. Sure enough, there was a brightly coloured box with her name on it. The Snazaroo Weekend Box (which we were sent for review) had arrived! Now the smile was infectious because I knew what was inside and was so excited to open it (at the weekend).
Saturday morning came and we sat in the front room, Kairi and Naminé opened the box and the smiles continued. Snazaroo has teamed up with Weekend box and created the most amazing weekend yet! My eldest loves face painting, but unfortunately for her, mummy is really had at it, but this is where the weekend box was amazing!


Snazaroo Weekend Box Packaging


We had so much fun with our box, the activity lasted us around half an hour and if I’m honest we could have done it for longer. The packs also have many, many uses in them, so I know we are going to have a lot of fun weekend ahead. Here’s a few points that we made:

Snazaroo Weekend Box

Snazaroo Weekend Box Contents


  • The Snazaroo Weekend Box box was bright and perfectly coloured for Kairi
  • love how it was completely addressed to her and made her so excited to open it.
  • The packaging on the each facepaint colour (the clear cover) was extremely hard to get off and the girls had found a new activity by the time I had managed to remove them.

Snazaroo Weekend Box Contents - 1 Mini Tiger Face paint Pack, 1 Tattoo Pack


  • The contents inside the Snazaroo Weekend Box were neatly placed inside the Weekend Box.
  • It consisted of a mini face painting kit, a tattoo kit, a make your own certificate and some information for parents.
  • 3-step instructions printed on the facepaint packaging!

Snazaroo Weekend Box Face Painting Set 3 Colours, Paint Brush

Ease of use

  • The instructions (3-step guide) made the facepaint extremely easy to use and when you see Kairi’s finished face, you will be amazed!
  • I love how the set had a ‘hole’ for water so you didn’t even need to get a cup out, EVERYTHING you need is included
  • The tattoos were amazing, just put a drop of water on the facepaint, press the ‘stamp’ into it and transfer it to your skin, so simple (perfect for parties!)
  • It washed of SO easily 10/10 for making parents lives easier and making a product that stayed on all day, but wiped away with a baby wipe!
  • Tattoos are perfect for those under 3 and those who may not want a full face done. Snazaroo face paints are safe for all ages, but they recommend face painting for children 3 years old and over. When painting younger children, they recommend a small motif on their cheek, hands or arms.

Snazaroo Weekend Box 3 Tattoos On Arm, Orange Smiley Face, Birthday Yellow Cupcake and a Green Musical Note

Final Product

Are you ready to see Kairi’s final look? I am amazed at how easy this was to create, the instructions inside the face painting kit in the Snazaroo Weekend Box made it so simple and Kairi was SO SO pleased with her face! You can also head over to Snazaroo’s own site for more ideas!

Are you ready to get yours?! (Secret: We’re going to get more!)

Snazaroo is launching it’s first ever Mini Theme Pack range! Combining favourite face paint colours into handy palettes to help turn little monsters into little fairies in no time at all.

Kairi face painted as a perfect Tiger using the Snazaroo Weekend Box

For only £2.99, you can get a bite-sized pack which comes complete with everything you need to recreate looks at home, birthday parties or on holiday! Each pack contains three colours, a brush, a sponge and an extremely easy to follow 3-step guide. At only 10cm by 11cm, they’re perfectly compact and great to slip into your bag for any occasions (No more £5 a face at the village fare!).

There are five vibrant themes launching, there are; Summer, Carnival, Halloween, Christmas and Easter (I’m SO SO SO excited for the Christmas one myself!) The only thing you need to provide is a touch of water. All Snazaroo products are hassle-free to wash off and are suitable for sensitive skin types, while the face paints are fragrance-free and specially-formulated to be gentle on the skin.

You can also go and grab the  Weekend Box here, there are a few versions to choose from, but each one is PACKED with amazing activities to make your weekend out of this world.

Well as you can see the Snazaroo Weekend Box #SnazarooHero is amazing, go grab yours now and head on over to see what we have been celebrating this week ‘Because Life is Worth Celebrating


Snazaroo Logo in Rainbow Colours Weekend Box logo with pictures of a bee and a book

*Weekend box and Snazaroo sent us this product for review, all opinions are our own – yes, we REALLY loved it!*

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