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Because Life Is Worth Celebrating : Week 8

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How on earth is it Friday again already? The week is just zooming past and I’m left panicking about how long we have left until Christmas and whether I will be organized enough in time! Haha

Here is my celebratory list for this week – week 8! That’s 2 months!!

1. Face painting with the girls
This week I got to face paint Kairi, we had so much and I managed to snap some awesome pictures of her. Naminé, bless her, didn’t like the face paint on her face so ended up with some awesome ‘tattoos’ on her arms instead.
2. Autumn Tuff Tray
We had so much fun with our Autumn Topic this week. The girls love their tuff tray and I love how simple this activity was to create for them. We learnt so much about trees and leaves.
3. Naminé sleeping in
Most people won’t believe me when I tell them the girls will leave me to sleep in until 9am every day. Kairi loves to get up, make her own breakfast and have some time to herself, while Naminé would sleep in until midday if I let her! It’s pure bliss!
4. Home Ed with Naminé
I don’t usually get much 1 to 1 time with either of the girls. We do all our home ed activities as a family. But this week Kairi went and spent time with her daddy while I got to sit and cuddle Namine learning all about the Oak Tree. She clearly loved it because she has been talking about it so much since.
5. Our first home ed meet
This week we popped to our first ‘official’ home ed group. It was so nice to meet so many lovely people and I love how the girls went to play with friends. I have a crazy 5 minutes with the girls in the park and fell over in my white t-shirt into a muddy puddle! It was definitely a day to remember ha!
6. The girls playing together
I notice the girls playing together quite a lot but usually don’t really stop to appreciate it. I love how they were playing nicely separately and along side each other with the dolls house this week. They have used their toys so much nicer since I read a post from Renne, Close Enough To Kiss about getting rid of some toys.
7. Visiting the fire station
I organised a community event trip to the fire station and it was such a success over 60 people attended and everyone had a great time. i t was really nice to show my own girls the fire station and answer all their questions about it too.
8. Christmas Pudding
It’s time! The shops are starting to fill up with their Christmas stuff and this week we grabbed a Christmas pudding for lunch! It was so good and I CAN’T WAIT until Christmas is actually here to get another one!
9. Ely cathedral
Ely is such a beautiful place and I am so grateful to live here. I love how Ely cathedral is like my marker wherever I am… That was is your home!
What did you get up to this week? Any adventures?

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